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Our highly qualified professionals pride themselves on delivering exceptional service and holistic care to our clients. We are located at Central with comfortable, private treatment rooms and a therapeutic exercise area. Let our dedicated professional to help you to maximize your physical health and well-being, and to achieve your goals with their personalized service.


Pain and disability is something we all encounter at some point of our life, it may be due to injury, sports or just overloaded at work with a wrong posture.


At PhysioTune we offers a multidisciplinary approach for pain and injury management. The physiotherapist working here are registered musculoskeletal physiotherapist and sports physiotherapist in Australia. We combines physiotherapy, massage therapy and personal training to cater for your treatment need. We assist our clients with various muscle and joint dysfunction from chronic postural muscular pain, acute mechanical neck and back pain, or peripheral joint dysfunction, to other sports injuries. Our dedicated professionals pride themselves on delivering exceptional service and care to the highest degree all within a friendly environment.

Our Physiotherapist integrate a detailed physical evaluation, analysis and clinical diagnosis with focus on identifying the underlying possible structural, biomechanical and movement coordination mismatch. Our treatment focus on pain relief and rehabilitated dysfunctional movement to achieve the best possible outcome. Our treatment approach including manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, acupuncture and individualized therapeutic exercise programme to assist you go back to your level of activities or enhance your performance.