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Pelvic floor physiotherapist

Pelvic floor physiotherapists have specialized training, knowledge and skills for the assessment and management of pelvic problems.  Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation is part of the management plan and physiotherapist is the medical professionals whom are highly qualified in muscle retraining.  


Every 1 in 3 women will experience pelvic floor dysfunction at some stage in their lifetime. Symptoms can be ranging from bladder bowel control problems to pelvic pain and organ prolapse. Specific pelvic floor exercise can be done daily in management of pelvic dysfunction. There are many reasons that the pelvic floor can become dysfunction:


1. Childbirth

2. Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy

3. Poor posture

4. Coccyx injury

5. Chronic constipation

6. Post-surgery

7. Overactive pelvic floor disorders

8. Chronic pelvic pain disorders


Pelvic floor physiotherapists use Real time ultrasound imaging as part of the standard practice so that patient can see the patterns of contraction and release of the pelvic floor. Also, patient can see what the pelvic floor does and what it does not do when dysfunction exists. Using Real time ultrasound has been a major step forward in physiotherapy treatment and is one of the key assessment and treatment tools.