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Our Registered Dietitian who is also a Chinese Medicine Practitioner registered in HK provides diet consultation based on your health needs.


Diet Consultation includes nutrition assessment, individualized and comprehensive dietary advice encompassing nutrition and traditional Chinese tonification concepts based on your condition, e.g. diabetes mellitus, to control blood sugar and identify your body type and food that can assist to create equilibrium. When conditions are indicated, Auricular Plaster Therapy (applying pressure with a seed on ear acupoints) will be used to help alleviate symptoms.


Types of condition which will be benefited from Diet consultation or Chinese tonification therapy include:


1. Enhancement of general health

2. Hypertension

3. High cholesterol

4. Heart disease

5. Diabetes Mellitus, including Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

6. Vegetarian Nutrition

7. Menstrual problems

8. Pre and postnatal nutrition

Diet Consultation & Chinese Tonification Therapy