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Sports Dietitians are professional dietitians specializing in the field of sports nutrition who can provide diet and nutrition advice to help you achieve your personal or team sporting goals.


Sport Nutrition Consultation includes:

Body composition testing                                          

Nutrition to improve general well-being for sports

Pre-race nutrition                                                    

Competition nutrition

Recovery nutrition                                                    

Nutrition advice for ultra-distance events

Recreational to elite level sports nutrition advice


All levels of participants of the following sports will benefit from Sport Nutrition Consultation:

Endurance base: distance running, road cycling, triathlon, swimming, mountaineering ultra-distance events

Endurance with high intensity interval: badminton, table tennis, hiking, sea sports, fencing, squash, ice skating, gymnastics

Weight- category sports: judo, karatedo, taekwondo, rowing

Team sports: rugby, hockey, basketball, volleyball, trail walker etc.


Group nutrition consultation is also available for team sports

Sports Dietitian